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Wondering what your body fat % is, how much lean muscle you have, or how may calories you should be eating? Get your training on track and stop guessing and find out with our In-Body body composition device. Click here to reserve yours today!

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On the hunt for quality information that is based on scientific research and has field experience to back it up? Click here to check out our library of posts on various topics!

Compete Elite exists so that everyone, regardless of circumstance or situation, has access to the highest quality fitness training and professional coaches. Why? Because we want to live in a world where we get excited to be around the people we work and inspired by the people we’re around overcoming their challenges. A world where people can walk around with a level of self-confidence that allows them to un-mute and fully express themselves everywhere. A world where people connect and share what they’re up to and what’s really important to them. A world where people are able to get out of bed actually excited and ready to and not feel exhausted or depressed. A world where we get to work with YOU.

This vision comes from a culmination of over 16 years of practical experience looking like 11,000 hours of training and coaching, 2,500 programs written, two degrees in the health and human performance fields of study, and 30+ certifications from various organizations, and the discipline of a Reconnaissance Marine. This website serves as a focal point for sharing my knowledge, experience, and offering a solution for people that are looking for something more in their fitness and self-fulfillment. Please enjoy the content, share it with your friends, and continue to explore and discover yourself!

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