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Eliseo Magallon

My curiosity with health, fitness, and medicine started in 8th grade when I joined the football team. I quickly learned how small I actually was (5”5’). I vividly remember going home that night after practice and looking up on my old school Macbook ‘How to grow taller’. I came across all kinds of things like HGH, shots in the butt, Michael Jordan hanging from monkey bars with ankle weights tied around him. Obviously, I gave up on my hopes of playing football in the NFL but my interest took off.

During high school I read up on all the latest and best recovery techniques for runners as I was a member of my high school cross country team as I pushed myself to the limits. But no matter how hard I raced, I could not get any faster, I plateau. The following summer of my senior year of high school I ran the most miles my cross country has ever seen for summer mileage to that date. It wasn’t because I was a monster. Fortunately, I was the only person on my XC team that didn’t get injured so I was the only person on the team able to handle the mileage. A whooping summer of 667 miles. Nevertheless, my results never came to fruition. You always hear about athletes overtraining and I’m not saying I did because I’m unsure if I did or not but I would like to say I came close to it!

Fast forwarding a few years, I transferred to Georgia College as a physics major, having a mini life crisis – I made the leap of faith to change to exercise science and never looked back. I hit the ground running I loved it so much! Everything I learned I soaked it up. So here I am! Some hobbies I enjoy are wakeboarding, running (still), weekend adventures, and climbing!

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