HumEx Fitness Reviews

  • Terrell Johnson, HumEx Fitness Testimonials

    Before meeting Andrew and becoming a Compete Elite athlete I had a debilitating back injury that left me bed ridden for months and taking pain medication constantly just to sleep. I thought my fitness days were over. However, after speaking with Andrew and trusting the guidance that he had given me, I am back and better than ever. I am hitting life time PR's on just about everything. I have been with Compete Elite for almost a year now and I am soon entering my first Rx level fitness competition and let me tell you, I feel more prepared now than ever. Andrew takes time to personally get to know the people he is working with, as he truly does care about adding value to their life in the fitness world and outside of it. He is a role model as a coach and as a person and someone I truly look up to. Andrew is by far one of the most knowledgable and qualified fitness coaches/practitioners I have ever met. I feel as though I am a better athlete now then when I was playing college and semi-professional soccer. My only regret is not meeting him sooner and becoming apart of the Compete Elite family earlier. Having a personalized fitness program backed with scientific principles is essential in building the most well rounded athlete possible. If you aren't testing and retesting then you are simply guessing. I only give Andrew and Compete Elite a 5 star rating simply because there are not 10 stars to give. I cannot say enough great things about him and this company.

    Terrell Johnson
  • Amanda Bartholomew, HumEx Fitness Testimonials

    Andrew has done such an incredible job working with me this summer through online coaching. Even though I don't get to work with him in person, he has set up the best workouts in order for me to reach my goals by the end of the summer. I have already seen results in the short amount of time he has worked with me, and I owe all of that to him. So thankful to have him as my coach!

    Amanda Bartholomew
  • Madelyn Goodaker , HumEx Fitness Testimonials

    I got the chance to have Andrew as one of my coaches for a while, and he gave me a whole new perspective on fitness. He has such a great passion for what he does, and he really enjoys helping people reach their goals. I would recommend him to anyone who wants to take their fitness to the next level!!

    Madelyn Goodaker
  • Madelyn Goodaker, HumEx Fitness Testimonials

    I got the chance to have Andrew as one of my coaches for a while, and he gave me a whole new perspective on fitness. He has such a great passion for what he does, and he really enjoys helping people reach their goals. I would recommend him to anyone who wants to take their fitness to the next level!!

    Madelyn Goodaker
  • Micaela Hollett, HumEx Fitness Testimonials

    Andrew was so much fun and amazing to work with! It was obvious how passionate and knowledgable he is when it comes to health, fitness and transforming lives! Andrew made sure that I got the most out of my time with him, really pushed me, and had me leave our session empowered, confident, and owning the new knowledge I gained working with him! HIGHLY recommend training with him, and do recommend him to all my friends! :D

    Micaela Hollett
  • Sarah Fuller , HumEx Fitness Testimonials

    My coach, Andrew Garritson, does a fantastic job providing holistic personalized programming. Andrew has always been supportive in adjusting the program according to how my body reacts to the many stressors I deal with on a daily basis by tracking recovery journals. I particularly struggle with the mental aspect of strength and conditioning. Andrew has helped tremendously in helping me change my mindset during training and taking the positives out of good and bad training sessions. Compete Elite attends to my competitive needs as an athlete and encourages me to live a healthy, balanced life that is consistent with my current goals. Andrew is a wonderful life coach, and I highly recommend him to any driven individual looking for a committed and supportive coach.

    Sarah Fuller
  • Abigail Christine Dupree Polston , HumEx Fitness Testimonials

    Andrew at Complete Elite has made a huge difference in how I approach movement and fitness. He is extremely attentive about making sure that each movement within a workout (and consequently, a lot of movements in day-to-day life) is executed with perfect form, training out bad habits while building and reinforcing new ones. Before working with him I would always end up with back pain after something as simple as moving boxes around the office. Last weekend I moved all the furniture in my house and could do it all again tomorrow - my body finally understands how to move and build strength without excessive strain. I highly recommend working with him!

    Abigail Christine Dupree Polston
  • Elyse Renshaw , HumEx Fitness Testimonials

    Before beginning with Compete Elite, I looked at a lot of different online programs, read online articles, and tried out different strength cycles. I wanted to get stronger, but I didnt really know what I was doing. Since working with Compete Elite I have made so much progress not only in my strength but in the way I move. Andrew has taken so much individual time with me to understand what my strengths are as well as what my weaknesses are. When I was working out before, my shoulders were constantly sore and tight and since working with Compete Elite, through corrective exercises, I have no pain in my shoulder when I workout. Andrew sat down with me to learn my specific goals, my specific issues, and what I expect to see in a training program. Each week I am given workouts made just for me and what I need to work on. Every day I feel closer to my goals and I really trust the programming that I am doing and can see daily how much stronger I am getting! I would recommend to anyone that they at least get more information and consider what Compete Elite can do for them and how it can help them reach their specific goals!

    Elyse Renshaw
  • Alexa Parr, HumEx Fitness Testimonials

    I've been working with Compete Elite for about 2 months now and am loving my programming! After 2 ACL replacements and over 5 years of knee pain I am finally feeling like I'm getting back to being the athlete I used to be. My knee pain has greatly improved, my strength has significantly increased and my body composition is getting better each week. Not only are these coaches great at what they do but they care about their athletes and take the time to really learn each client's needs and limitations. I would recommend them to anyone no matter what your goals or lifestyles are! #PerformanceInPractice

    Alexa Parr
  • Tyler Hinton , HumEx Fitness Testimonials

    Compete Elite Performance & Heath is an organization of professionals. The selling point for me is their dedication to educating and empowering clients. Following my time spent with Andrew, I've completed several physically and mentally-demanding military courses.

    Tyler Hinton
  • Karaty Mike , HumEx Fitness Testimonials

    Andrew has a tremendous passion to help people train and recover properly from prior injuries. While running track, I pulled a hamstring that put me out for several weeks. With Andrews help in conditioning and rehab, I was able to return better then I ever have been. Highly recommend Andrew!

    Karaty Mike
  • Timothy Marsh, HumEx Fitness Testimonials

    Excellent community atmosphere and motivating coaches. Would recommend to friends and family.

    Timothy Marsh
  • Kelly Mohr , HumEx Fitness Testimonials

    Andrew's passion for health and fitness was a large contributing factor in helping me set and by far surpass my goals, as I sought to begin a better overall lifestyle. Andrew focuses on the details, which prevents injury, and leads to health for the longevity. The commitment to his athletes is genuine and remarkable!

    Kelly Mohr
  • Drew Tsovorp , HumEx Fitness Testimonials

    Garritson provided personalized programming for my specific needs. He kept my goals in mind while simultaneously working on my weak points. His expertise is well worth the money and I would highly recommend him to anyone regardless of their fitness goals.

    Drew Tsovorp
  • Chase Pate, HumEx Fitness Testimonials

    Andrew's great. Not only do they focus on fitness but educating you as well. Would highly recommend!

    Chase Pate
  • Bunjamen Bench , HumEx Fitness Testimonials

    Andrew developed a plan for me to correct postural/muscular imbalances I had that were causing me severe back pain. Now I am pain free and stronger than ever.

    Bunjamen Bench
  • Maxi George , HumEx Fitness Testimonials

    Andrew is an outstanding coach and trainer. His resume speaks to his expertise when it comes to not only fitness in general, but also teaching people in a way that works for them. I have had the pleasure of witnessing him coach multiple different individuals and could not praise his personalized coaching style more. He is fantastic at getting individuals the results they seek and encouraging them to always aim higher, while also celebrating each person's individual accomplishments. I met Andrew in a crossfit environment and always enjoyed having him as a coach (mostly because he is so great at feeling out exactly what sort of training and motivation a person needs to reach their goals.) He encouraged me to try plain strength training and minimize Metabolic Conditioning. I was hesitant and worried about scaling down my beloved crossfit workouts to only once or twice a week (albeit just for a period of time.) But after considering the vast amount of knowledge Andrew has in this field, I decided to trust in his abilities and stick with his training program. For 8 weeks I did very few metcons and instead followed this crazy challenging Russian squat series (Smolov) that Andrew suggested. He put together a schedule that focussed on Smolov and was supplemented with accessory and skill work. I not only ended up really enjoying the things he had me do in addition to Smolov (negative handstand pushups, L-sits, weighted pull ups, rope climbs etc.), BUT most importantly also improved my strength throughout his programming significantly and even improved my times on regular metcons that are highly focused on "having lungs." As mentioned before, though, I think the most important thing I'd like anyone who reads this to take away is that Andrew is great at working with a variety of athletes at different levels. He is outstanding at meeting individual training needs. Be it to improve body composition, gain strength, improve endurance, or just be able to achieve very specific goals (be able to do a pull up, squat x amount of weight etc.) Andrew encourages people to become their best versions of themselves! I'd undoubtedly recommend his services to anyone I care about!

    Maxi George

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