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Wondering what other kinds of experiences some of the people that we’ve worked with had in the past?

  • George Gleason, 35 (2000 and 2004 Olympic Swimmer): “When I started CrossFit a year and a half ago, I was by far the most accomplished athlete in my dynamics class – or probably at the whole box – but I was quickly humbled and put in my place.  CrossFit was hard, the movements were difficult, and everyone looked like seasoned athletes compared to me.  Two months later I upgraded to an unlimited plan.  A few months later I could squat 300 pounds.  I went indoor rock climbing and it was much easier than I expected.  I played pickup basketball for the first time in a while and my vertical, quickness, and explosiveness had noticeably improved.  I snowboarded over the holidays and my legs were not Jello the next day, like they ordinarily would have been.  I jumped in the pool for a holiday alumni meet and swam a pretty fast 50 free for not having swum a serious lap since I finished my 100 free in Sydney.  And, vainly, I look almost the same as I did a decade ago at the Olympics… just stronger.”
  • Nick Shaw, 19: “I recently participated in a month long training camp ran by CESC. Now at the beginning of this training camp I believed that I was in good shape (able to achieve maximum scores on Army physical fitness test and being able to hold my own in the weight room), after the first few workouts I noticed I was not in as good of shape as I led myself to believe. Andrew was able to assess and improve my weaknesses as well as teach me the basics and some advanced techniques associated with Olympic lifts. By the end of the month long training session all of my maxes had increased exponentially as well as my overall level of fitness. I look forward to learning more from Andrew and partaking in more training with him in the future.

  • Jennifer Yates, 32 (CrossFit Regional team athlete, USPA 67.5 kg FL. record holder):“I’m a competitive athlete that has experiences a few injuries due to a poor foundation and not learning movements properly. I had the pleasure of competing at the 2014 CrossFit Regionals competition, a couple powerlifting meets and competed regularly as a CrossFit athlete. Meeting with Andrew was probably one of the best decisions I could have ever made as an athlete. He is extremely professional, has more knowledge than anyone I’ve ever met, and he has such a unique approach in helping push me toward striving to reach the goals I’ve set: building a new foundation, going back to the basics and making a podium this season. To actually have someone sit you down and be passionate about helping you achieve fitness goals is such a rare find. It’s been extremely refreshing to be able to develop this coach-athlete relationship with Andrew at CESC. If anyone is going to bring out my very best potential as an athlete, it’s this guy.”

  • Ruth Nve, 39 (1992 Olympic Sprinter): “My name is Ruth and I am a former Olympic athlete, Track & Field. Let me tell you that Andrew Garritson to my experience is a great coach/trainer. I’ve been in this field for so long that I know when someone has the knowledge in coaching, and surely Andrew does. He helped me so much in weightlifting and endurance, and also in my technique and mechanics. He pays attention to his athletes and clients in a way that he doesn’t miss any movement that you do. Because his concern is that you do it right so that you do not injure yourself. He will never make you feel like you can’t do it, he always has a positive and encouraging attitude. And I achieved a lot training with him, and you will too.”


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